Monday, February 22, 2010

"Snuggie, take me away!"

It was a bit of a rough week last week.  The kids went back to school on Tuesday.  I must say that that was a bit of heaven right there.  But their dad went on travel on Tuesday.  And then I looked around my house.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  What happened here?  Nuclear holocaust?  Fault line running smack through the middle of my house?  Invasion from Mars?  Dirt, salt, mud tracked through the house.  Piles of mail.  Piles of newspapers.  Stuff everywhere.  No horizontal surfaces free of clutter.  Bins for Destination Imagination.  A stack for AWANA Bible Games.  School papers, insurance papers, To Do lists, To Do yesterday lists.  Cookies, cookies, cookies.

And the calendar!  Get this done, get that done; meeting tonight, meeting tomorrow night.  Get everybody ready for the start of cookie booths.  Trip to Children's Friday.  County Science Fair set-up Friday.  County Science Fair Saturday.  AWANA Bible Games Saturday.  Cookie Booth #2 Saturday.  Cookie Booth #3 Sunday.  AWANA Sunday.  Tom's homework Sunday.  And a couple of meltdowns.  Not naming names.

You know that "Calgon, take me away!" commercial?  Has anyone updated that?  Maybe "Prozac, take me away!"  Or "Nice mellow wine, take me away!"  Or "Double chocolate layer cake, take me away!"  I just don't think that "Snuggie, take me away!" has the right impact...


Lori said...

Well, look, I've found it! (For the record, my counter number is 594!)

Also for the record, I'm thinking I need something more along the lines of, "Spain...take me away!" or "Italy...take me away!"

monicalrobbins said...

We suffer from a similar malady in our's called A.H.S., or Any Horizontal Surface. The most popular tends to be the dining room table...what a mess!!!