Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bacon... hog heaven

Natalie came home yesterday talking about all the brouhaha over next week's MSAs (big state tests):  Pep rallies; a movie later if everyone is quiet during the tests; how they are to get a good night's rest and eat a good breakfast.  This is her second year of taking them, and her second school.  It was pretty much the same at the first school, except they enticed with extra recess, not a movie.  She close to snorted in her narrative.  (I close to snorted as I listened.)

However, as a good, supportive parent, I talked it up.  I said we'd be sure to get her to sleep early and to give her a really good breakfast.  Hey, she could have some bacon, too, I offered -- a little protein to boost the brain work.  Clarifying, she asked if I meant my bacon.  I said that this was so.  She declined my bacon, however, classifying turkey bacon as "not real bacon."  Hmph.  Again, as a good, supportive parent, I said for the MSAs, I'd get her "real" bacon.  She squealed her delight.

Find the right incentive...

*** 3/9/10 So I taught her how to make bacon in the microwave yesterday before school, and I get a call midmorning from the school nurse, who says that Natalie is complaining of reflux-like symptoms and did I want to bring her a Tums?  All of us agree it was likely the bacon.  Today, the first day of testing, she naturally doesn't want any.  Heck.  Still to find:  The right incentive... ***

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