Sunday, March 28, 2010

Expect more, get more: Case in point

Warning:  This post contains shameless bragging on my child.

My son is in 7th grade.  Last year was his first year entering the Science Fair.  At the school level, he earned 2nd place in his category and advanced to the county level, where he gained some good experience.  This year, he won 3rd place in his category at the school level, and he was awarded Lockheed Martin's Da Vinci Award (for entrepreneurial spirit and ability to solve problems).  Framed and everything.  That got him to the County Science Fair and a 2nd-place award in his category.  He moved on to the Prince George's Regional Science Fair, which was held just this weekend.  He didn't place, but he was awarded three Special Awards:
  • 2nd place from IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers)
  • Citation from the Washington Statistical Society
  • Citation from the Patent & Trademark Office Society
I believe I'll go off and bask now.

Title:  Traffic Power
Category:  Energy and Transportation
Basic Description:  Is the air displaced by traffic a viable energy source?  Year 1:  What blade type, height, and angle are best?  Year 2:  Is it a viable energy source?


Lori said...

Hooray for him!!! Hooray for his mom!! (Dad too, of course! :)

weatherRail said...

Ha Ha Terri...I'm the one that gave him the Lockheed Martin award. I was looking for him yesterday to get a photo of him by his project...LOL.

weatherRail said...

OBTW Congratulations to mom and son T. His project was ingenious and obviously our LM engineers (self included) agreed...!!!