Friday, March 26, 2010

Rosetta Stone for Twitter

Holy heck.  I'm on Twitter.  WHAT was I thinking?  #this and @that.  Tweet this and Retweet that.  All in under 140 characters.  Since when have I done anything in under 140 characters?  And I'm not on Twitter once, oh, no.  I've got two accounts.  TWO.  WHY?

OK, I can tell you why.  Because 1) I want the new Autism Spectrum Support Group to reach people, and Twitter is a tool to make that happen.  In the Southern Maryland area, there are approximately 500 children with the educational label of autism.  That doesn't count children with a different educational label (e.g., developmental delay, multiple disabilities, other health impairment).  It doesn't count children with a medical diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder but who receive no special education services through our school systems.  And it doesn't count...  My point is that we currently have 75 members.  We could be serving so many more.  I want to reach them.  No one has to join, but I want them to know we're here.

And I made a second acount because 2) I have to be really careful about tweeting personal content on the Support Group's account.  Apparently I'm really quick on the personal content draw, but here's where I get into trouble.  Twitter is a whole new country, and I don't speak the language.  I've got a phrase book, but that'll take me only as far as "Where is the bathroom?" and "How do I get to the American Embassy?"  I've spent days reading through the tweets of the people I'm following on Twitter, trying to absorb the ebb and flow of tweeting.  I've added a few sentences to my phrase book, but what I really need is the Rosetta Stone for Twitter.

My head hurts.  Facebook is so much kinder and gentler.

Another thank you to the Southern Maryland Give Camp experience.  Maybe.  The jury is is still out.


Lori said...

So you went to the dark side, huh?
Just can't bring myself there. I feel old and archaic, but I have a heard enough time as it is with my blog and Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Twitter can be fun, once you get used to it and tweeting becomes second nature.
I do agree that Rosetta Stone is the way to go for learning a language. I didn't get my Rosetta Stone through Twitter but I did get it online ( I got it for about $180 for the year and am following up on a New Year's resolution (FINALLY).
I like that I can use it anywhere I get the chance (usually more at work than at home).
Having used both Facebook and Twitter for awhile now, I actually have to say I find Twitter easier to use than Facebook.