Friday, March 5, 2010

Head cold...

Sent my son to school today with a cold and an asthma flare-up.  Had already made an appointment with the asthma doctor for after school.  Got called after lunch to come pick him up from school as he was fading fast.  Now sitting in the waiting room for the doctor's appointment.  Always make Tom wear headphones when he's playing his DS in public.  Can hear it anyway.  That, and his mouth-breathing wheezing.  Got to get him healthy before next week's MSAs.

Since when is my son 167 lbs. and 5'8" tall?  When did that happen?  I was sort of hoping that his currently significantly deeper voice was caused by this cold, but I think that's one "symptom" that's not going to go away.  Funny about this is that Tom seems to think that there's going to be some kind of power shift when he surpasses me in height.  This despite my having told him several times that Mom will always be more powerful than he is.  And he should get used to it; so will his wife be.

Love Tom's allergist.  Practically saved us when Tom was little.  Saved us from the chronic coughing, runny nose, and sneezing.  Saved us, too, from the loss of food choices in an already limited diet when his allergies flared up each spring and caused his tastes to change.  This is not insignificant.  Same doctor treats Nat's mild asthma and graduated me from shots.  I'll always be grateful.

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Lori said...

Hope he is feeling better~ I love Dr. S too!!!