Sunday, April 11, 2010

Insomnia by any other name...

I've had what appears to be insomnia for about three weeks.  I get it from time to time, usually only for a couple of nights, and just about always explainable, which may make it not insomnia but just general stress-related sleeplessness.  (Don't know, and probably don't yet care enough to find out the difference.)

Anyway, this sleeplessness for the past three weeks has a definite cause:  Give Camp of Southern Maryland and the subsequent creation of the the new Autism Spectrum Support Group of SoMD website.  Don't get me wrong; I'm thrilled with both the event and the result.  I've been trying to figure out how I can help at the next SoMD Give Camp, if there is one.  However, it's taking a lot of work and time to add the content, mostly because I have to learn the system.  Website management is not within my normal scope.  (See my panicked post about registering the license!)

Well, I did manage to register the license.  Of course, I had someone with me so I could talk it through.  And though I may have caused the current glitch that has caused the newsletter to backfire, that's not the point.  I registered it!  (Then I ran away and buried my head in the sand, hoping against hope that I hadn't blown up the world.)    Feeling ever more confident with the passage of time, a couple of days ago, I went to register the CACSE website.  I couldn't.  They had a change of domain.  The old domain contains the website; the new domain is blankly parked at  1) I don't know how to transfer the content of the old domain to be the content of the new domain; and 2) I don't know how to point a domain name to the real host (  (And can you believe I just wrote all that without referring to my notes?  I'm learning a new language by immersion!)

So now I've offered to be the contact person for the CACSE website and the LDA website.  (I don't even have a password for the latter!  What was I thinking?)  Even though I'm working with a really nice developer -- and so far, and I haven't met a not-nice developer -- I wasn't with those teams much during the Give Camp, and I know I tuned out during the presentations on the last day.  Now I'm playing catch-up trying to register both sites with Sitefinity, up overnight at 2 a.m. choosing to use my post-4-hour-nap burst of energy to deal with the problem.  (A problem that might just be solved as of 9 a.m. yesterday, bless Eric!)

Back to the Support Group website: A few days ago I worked to finish the first ever Autism Spectrum Support Group of SoMD Newsletter.  It's not going to win a Pulitzer, but it begs people to help me nicely, thereby making it an important document to me!  I had some problems with it.  I knew that I could save any document as html and upload it to the newsletter template, which I did.  After several failed attempts.  Mostly related to the fact that my Mac saves as html with .text, and the template wants .txt .  (Go figure.)  So I added .txt to the html document, and Bob's your uncle.  But the template lost the really pretty columns and some other bits of formatting.  I opted to work within the template and saved it, only to have error pages appear and all the corrections disappear.  Three times.  After I hit Level Gazillion:  Palpable Frustration, for whatever reason, Sitefinity decided that this time it would save it

Woohoo!  I had a Newsletter ready to send!  So I sent it.  I bragged that I had sent it.  I waited and I waited.  And bless his heart, our really awesome website developer -- to whom I had bragged that I had sent it -- said that though I had followed the directions, Sitefinity hadn’t done its job.  Detective Work, Part 1 completed, we identified some of the problem.  Then I got caught up in the LDA/CACSE business, and I still hadn’t sent it two days later.  The long and the short of that is that I sent it the old way, through Yahoo as a pdf.  I needed it to go out, but I feel like I failed this section of the test.  Can I have a do-over?

All of this brings me back to the same point:  Insomnia.  But maybe it’s not insomnia.  Maybe what it really is is Jazzedfromgivecamposis.  I'm not sure there's a cure.

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