Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You've heard it before...

I know, I know.  You've heard me say it before.  But really, it bears repeating:  I love Girl Scouting.  (I'd probably love Boy Scouting, too, but pack-mentality is so not my son.)

Now that Cookie Sales are over, we get to do something that I really enjoy:  Spend down our balance.  It's requiredReally.  We're not allowed to carry a large balance from year to year -- we have to spend it.  Here's the GS philosophy on the subject:  The money came from cookie sales.  If you do it "right," girls make a plan before the sale, figure out how many boxes they have to sell, do the work, and achieve their goals.  Therefore, it's for them to enjoy now.

This year, my girls had several activities they wanted to do with their cookie money; some we've already completed (World Thinking Day, Build-A-Bear, Overnight at Cove Point Lighthouse) and some still to come (donation to the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, Encampment, bowling, Movie Night, the zoo, end-of-year party/awards ceremony).

Encampment is going to be a big expense, not because the fees were high -- they weren't -- but because we have to feed 10 people 5 meals plus snacks.  We'll ask for some donations, but the troop will purchase the main food items.  Then there are "filler" activities to plan/purchase, and we have to take our own cleaning supplies...  Well, if you've ever been camping, you get the point.  Despite the fact that I inherited "the packing gene" from my father, the thought of loading 2 minivans with 10 bodies and everything we need for the weekend, right down to firewood, is giving me palpitations.

I've got two fabulous assistant leaders who truly pitch in and make the events successful.  We should be good for all of them.  But it's my nature to have palpitations...

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Lori said...

I LOVE their goals!!!

I DON'T love camping, but would be glad to donate for the cause.

And yes, bless your heart, I'd love some lemon chalet cremes!!!

What are you doing Friday? Or sometime early next week?