Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camp Winona

My daughter went to Girl Scout Day Camp again this year.  That makes six years.  She was five when she went to non-Girl Scout Girl Scout Camp.  The next year she went to Camp Bay Breeze, and for the past four years, she's gone to Camp Winona (rarely held at Camp Winona).

This year as a Junior Girl Scout, she had more choices of activities, one of which was horseback riding.  I was very surprised when she chose it, but we shelled out the extra bucks and signed her up.  The two Junior Wrangler units went to A Moment In Time horse farm two of the five days of camp.  Thirty girls, 15 horses, a bunch of equine turn-taking, and a lot of happiness.  (Only one girl didn't get back on a horse the second day, and it wasn't the one who fell off on the first day.)

My daughter rode Cody the first day.  She said that Cody was calm, and he could tell when you were scared and wouldn't move if he sensed that you didn't want him to.  She loved that horse.

On the second day, my daughter rode Toby, who listened to her commands pretty well, she said:

As I'm sure you can guess, today's badgering theme includes variations of, "I want a horse."  Hmm.  Maybe a horse camp next summer.

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