Friday, June 18, 2010

Committed, involved, interested, can't be bothered

I have said repeatedly how much I love Girl Scouting.  I think it's FABULOUS!  There are so many wonderful components to it, too many to list here and now, though I must give a quick shout-out to my two assistant leaders, parents of three of my girl scouts, who have made so much of this year wonderful and successful (despite the biffies!).  Parents are often heaven-sent, and these two women have taken much of the burden off me.  They have been committed to the troop and to their daughters' participation and their need to learn and have fun.  I am very grateful.  (As far as I know, they don't read this blog, so I'm not buttering anyone up!!)

I've also had an involved parent this year who couldn't attend herself but was very careful to set her daughter up for success in the troop, to complete projects at home, and to volunteer in other ways.  If I needed something, I just had to ask.  Replies, forms, payments, etc., were all given with a quick turnaround.  Again, I'm grateful.  And I'm sorry to say that this family is moving and won't be with us next year.  Bless the parent, though:  She came and told me that they were moving almost as soon as she knew it herself, and we're already in the process of getting her daughter into a new troop in her new state.  And this parent asked me what her daughter had to do to complete her Bronze Award next year.  Gotta love that!

Some parents are nasty.  I've been lucky:  I haven't had the Parents from Hell I've heard about -- very, very lucky!  But here's the part that's problematical.  I've identified another kind of parent, the kind that isn't committed, involved, or even interested, the kind that seems to say, I can't be bothered.  One of my assistant leaders reminded me that it's not fair to penalize a child for a parent's behavior, and I've tried really hard all year not to let it make a difference.   But last night at our Pool Party/Awards Ceremony, something happened, and I had to walk away, just turn around and walk away without saying a word.
    I know that the only way to respond is to take the high road, and I'll do my best, because I've made a promise:

    On my honor, I will try
    To serve God and my country,
    To help people at all times,
    And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

    Added 6/19/10: 

    The Girl Scout Law

     I will do my best to be
    • honest and fair,
    • friendly and helpful,
    • considerate and caring,
    • courageous and strong, and
    • responsible for what I say and do,
    and to
    • respect myself and others,
    • respect authority,
    • use resources wisely,
    • make the world a better place, and
    • be a sister to every Girl Scout.

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    Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

    Aww! I was a Girl Scout -- good times! Awesome for you to be so involved!