Friday, June 11, 2010

So proud...

My daughter auditioned for her Elementary School's Talent Show and made it.  She's had to stay after school several days for the auditions and rehearsals.  Last night was The Big Show.

Natalie decided early on that she wanted to play the recorder as her talent.  She's been playing it since her music teacher at her former Elementary School introduced it to her early last school year.  Ms. W. has all third-graders play "Recorder Karate," which is a terrific program that lets students practice and earn "belts" for advancing through the songs.  Nat, being the over-achiever she is, made it all the way through the program and was able to perform Beethoven's Ode to Joy as the crowning achievement of the public music performance.  I'm not being sarcastic here; it really is a great program.  Nat learned how to read music through it, and she sat down at the piano with her recorder songs and picked them out on that instrument, too.  (A piano, by the way, is a percussion instrument.  This fact brought to you by our school system's Fine Arts programming.)

In fact, it was Recorder Karate that directed her to her choice of the clarinet this year in Band.  It was a pretty easy transition, and she told me last night that her Band teacher told her yesterday that she will be in Advanced Band next year.  This is a good thing!

So last night my daughter performed Ode to Joy on the recorder:

Yep, that's all 60 seconds of her playing the recorder, while blindfolded, through her nose.  Pardon me, I'm a little misty... and so proud.  I need a hankie.

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Lori said...

LOVE THAT!!!!! Smiled the whole way through!!!!