Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today was my son's 13th birthday.  It sort of got lost in other things.  He doesn't do the whole party thing -- never has.  Just not interested, and wouldn't eat a piece of cake if you paid him.  He asked for a Nintendo DSi.  Due to budgetary constraints, that's all he got (plus the free game that was bundled with it).  Due to the fact that 1) school starts the day after his birthday, and 2) I think it's just plain wrong to ask him to play with a new game system for less than a day before he has to put it away to go back to school, we gave the DSi to him a couple of weeks ago.  Today he got a game from his sister and two cards/checks from relatives.  And we took him out to CiCi's Pizza.  (He really prefers Arizona Pizza because he can get french fries there, but our Arizona Pizza  one day just wasn't there anymore.  It was a little bit Twilight Zone-ish.)

Today he also got up at 5:30 in preparation for tomorrow's 5 a.m. alarm.  His bus came at 6:30 last year (except when it didn't).  It only takes him an hour to get ready at his speed, but he likes to have time to play or read (or, truthfully, to not have us yell at him to MOVE IT), so he gives himself an extra half hour.  This is pretty amazingly self-aware and was a big change from the year before when the bus came at 6:45 and he slogged his way through the morning routine with us hovering and prompting for every little thing.

Today his (special ed.) bus driver left a message:  We're to have him ready for a 6:15 pick-up.  Yep.  6:15.  I'll give them a couple of days to get the route sorted, but if that's the pick-up time for real, you can make book that I'll be doing something about that.  (His school is only 8 miles down the road and starts at 7:05.)  Last year I attributed the change in pick-up time to the fact that there was double the number of kids on the bus in 7th grade.  Of course, I attributed that to the transportation department's attempts to save money.  But 6:15?  That's a planned route of 50 minutes, and that's unacceptable.

Today he went to his Open House.  He met all his teachers, most of whom he already knew.  He signed a couple of "contracts," and we paid most of his fees.  We found out a couple of weeks ago that the aide on his team the past two years had left; he'll have an interim aide -- though he'll have her for fewer periods than in the past as we try to fade back some of that support.  We found out last week who his new case manager is; she told me today that she read his IEP last night.  We found out yesterday that his counselor, who was supposed to be with him all three years and who was the only service provider he was interested in continuing meeting with this year,  has left.  I found out today that his science teacher may just be the saving grace of the year:  it seems that he will allow my son to have a disability and he'll help him.  I feel a cautious "Woot!" building up.  You'll hear it if this turns out to be the case.

Today he annoyed me.  Par for the course.

Today I found myself lost in the minutiae of back-to-school events, but because he is who he is, he didn't seem to mind.  He had his DSi, he had his new game, and he had his pizza.  But I minded.


Lori said...

Seriously...that bus thing is not cool. I have no doubt that you'll have it taken care of and quickly. Hope the first day for both the kids (and for you) is wonderful. Or at the very least, not horrible! :)

kwesleyweaver said...

It all sounds familiar. We're having a "bus situation" also. My son says, the bus driver can't drive. He almost flipped the freakin bus over and his assistant acts like she's drunk!" Just one more reason for him to HATE going to school.