Friday, August 13, 2010

To Kindle, or Not to Kindle?

I downloaded Kindle for my computer a few weeks ago to see if I liked reading books electronically.  I've got to say that while I can only imagine what it's like to read one on an e-reader and not on a laptop, I love e-books!

I bought one book, but all the other ones I've downloaded have been free.  Amazon has limited-time offers on about 100 books, and I've found a good handful that look good to me.  Amazon also has over 16,000 free "popular classics" as well as links to sites that offer titles from the more than two million older, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books online.  What's not to like about that?

When my sister was here a couple of weeks ago, we went out to look at other e-readers available in stores.  There's something to be said for them, but I'm an Amazon person -- my favorite place to shop on-line -- so if I get an e-reader, a Kindle is probably the best choice for me.  But do I really need one?  Probably not, but my laptop gets hot and doesn't have the same battery life as the Kindle, plus I don't have internet access on my computer unless I'm at home or in a Wi-Fi hotspot.  The Kindle I'm looking at has free 3G for the one-time cost of purchasing a higher-priced machine.

I think I'll be buying myself a Kindle.

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Lori said...

I got one as a gift for my birthday. I like it. Still love my books, but like the convenience and ease of Kindle!