Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My head hurts.  It really hurts -- one of those tension headaches from the base of the skull up and over the top -- whipped by the combination of:
  • aggressively teaching my son executive functioning skills -- tied for first as his greatest deficits.
  • trying to get him to do his homework when he hasn't logged it correctly in his agenda book and/or brought home what he needs
  • trying to communicate with the school team where the holes are (which means that I have to look for what's not there)
  • juggling both kids' homework demands and making dinner and feeding the dogs
  • working on a distressing volunteer project that makes my stomach hurt
  • re-starting my son at OT (Son when I told him last night:  "It takes a hit on my self-esteem.")
  • talking to the superintendent of schools, the director of special education, and school team members about the problems we deal with that we wouldn't have to if they would provide appropriate services and not rely on available services (Granted, these conversations are in my head, but they take my energy.  :)
  • being a sounding board for other parents of children with ASDs -- I like it, but it's so frustrating to hear the same problems today that my son had years ago, and to know that 1) I let so many things slip by me, and 2) those things for which I did make a difference in his case never generalized out to other children.  Our special ed. department opts to put out fires one at a time instead of preventing the forest from going up.  (I'm talking about administration, and though we've got good, new people on board, they are stretched too thin; if they can take on your child's case, good interventions fall off when they go away.)
  • watching Otis' back legs get wonkier -- Is it enough to take him to the vet?
There's more, but that'll do because all these things don't just make my head hurt; they cause stomach aches and insomnia and bad dreams and panic attacks...

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