Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bullies R Us?

One of the things that came of last week's meeting with the Superintendent of Schools was his interest in our children and bullying.   He asked my friend and me whether our children had been bullied.  While I suspect that my son may have been bullied at some time, back then he was pretty much oblivious and likely wouldn't have recognized bullying or been much fazed by it.  My friend's son is pretty well protected by the number of adults around him.

However, as the coordinator for the Autism Spectrum Support Group of Southern Maryland, I told him that I know that other children with ASDs have been bullied.  He asked for their stories, so I put out a request to the Support Group.  I don't know if anyone will respond, but I hope people take advantage of this opportunity of the Superintendent's interest.

The above got me thinking.  While my son doesn't appear to have been the victim of peer bullying, I know for sure that I (on my son's behalf) have been bullied by school teams during our 10 years in the school system.  Does that count?  Does the Superintendent want to know that I have been put off, put down, insulted, ignored, guilt-tripped, intimidated, and threatened by his staff and administration?

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