Thursday, October 28, 2010

She blinded me with silence.

You know that "hurry up and wait" routine people in the military talk about? Special Education could give lessons to the military. We've had 10 years of hurry/wait, flurry/wait, scurry/wait. Every action comes with a timeline.

Unless they don't. Take, for example, my requests that are ignored. I wait a proper amount of time, even send a follow-up, and nothing. Leave me hanging. Leave me unsettled. Leave something unresolved.  Continue the years of bullying and intimidation with silence.

This is happening again right now. You may remember that I met with the Supervisor of STEM on September 28th.  I sent a follow-up question the next day and received an answer on October 7th.  I then sent this email to the Supervisor of STEM, also on October 7th:
Thank you for getting back to me with the answer to my follow-up question.  As I understand it from our meeting plus the response below, children with IEPs in the STEM program may have appropriate accommodations and no modifications, and the appropriateness of accommodations is determined by each individual IEP team.

As I mentioned during our meeting, my research is showing that placing any conditions on the implementation of an IEP for a student in such a program is a denial of FAPE and therefore a violation of IDEA.  I respectfully request that you check into this and provide me with the regulations that show that it isn't so that I can put this to rest.

Again, thank you for both the meeting and the follow-up answer.
Nothing.   No acknowledgment.  No response.

Now, it's true that my friend had an appointment with the Supervisor -- and, surprisingly (not!), the Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services was there when she got there -- a week after I sent the above, and that's when she was told that the conditions would come off all the IEPs of children in STEM.  But I have never been notified by anyone, in any department, of such a decision.  It has been 21 days since I sent the message, 14 days since my friend was told the conditions would come off, and not one word have I heard.

I so badly want to send a follow-up requesting an answer.  I don't think I will as it could only be snarky.  Or perhaps just a final thank you:  "I wanted to take a minute to say, 'Thank you.'  While I have received no official notification of this, I learned through [my friend] that all conditions will come off STEM IEPs.  I appreciate your taking the time to meet with me, and  I'm glad we could work to resolve the situation."

But geez, her responding would have been the right thing, the professional thing, to do, don't you think?

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