Thursday, January 6, 2011

Precious Life of Faith, Hope, and Love

"He is here! 1:20 pm...6 lbs., 2 oz.,19 and a quarter inches. Perfect and precious. We are so blessed!"
So read the Facebook status of my friend, who had just hours before given birth to the most precious of lives: Luke.  
Like so many others, I stalked FB all day, watching for word even though I knew that he wouldn't enter this world until after 1:00.  It didn't matter.  I refreshed the page over and over again.  (To be honest, I started doing that the day before.)  I watched my friend's blog, just in case.  I carried my cell phone in my pocket, to be safe.
I prayed all day.  Lord, please.  Lord, please.  Lord, please.  Not my most articulate, but heartfelt.
And the thought running through my head, under all other thoughts and prayers, was the words of a friend of my friend.  That friend probably didn't know how far her comfort spread, but I will be forever grateful for the words:
"This one, she will keep."

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