Monday, March 28, 2011


Girl Scout cookie sales are over.  My troop of five girls sold 1,674 boxes of cookies, 58 of those going to the Wounded Warriors in Bethesda, and held 15 cookie booths.  At 68¢/box, troop proceeds are $1,138.32!  Last year we earned about $350 more than this year selling 801 boxes more.  Selling each box for 68¢ this year vs. 60¢ last year really made a difference.

My girls are going to Great Wolf Lodge, Encampment, and several local events to spend that money down!

Sadly, this will be my last year as a Girl Scout leader.  I have only five girls.  One is a Brownie and needs to be in a Brownie troop rather than being a tag-along in her sister's Junior troop.  Two don't want to continue in Girl Scouts next year.  One definitely wants to continue, and one (my daughter) is sitting on the fence.  I found a troop for the "continuer" and the fence sitter, so we'll go ahead and register those two girls, the Brownie, and the adults, and I'll revert to being an active parent in the troop, not the troop leader.  And if my daughter decides that she's done with scouts after a few meetings (or when the workload of STEM6 crushes her), we'll just go inactive.

I'm not sure I'm going to adjust well to this change in status.  I really like Girl Scouts.

We're also not going to do AWANA next year.

This is my daughter's last year in elementary school and my son's last year in middle school.

And trust has been broken and confidence is gone with my school system's special education department.

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Lori said... more girl scouts???? What'll I do for my own personal fix????