Saturday, March 12, 2011

We said/She said

What we said:
Thank you for this second reply with an update on the activities of the STEM/Special Education Task Team.  We appreciate knowing that our topics were discussed.

Your first reply to our 3/7/11 "request for a response" to the central question of whether or not STEM is for the "perfectly gifted" stated that you will be sharing with us the responses we are seeking after the final decisions of your discussions have been completed.  We are looking forward to hearing that information soon.

Thank you again.
What she said:
STEM is a program open to any student who meets the eligibility criteria. There is no “perfectly gifted” criteria. The application is a multi-layered holistic process which includes assessment and performance data, parent information and teacher information. Based on your concerns about STEM this year, the application process was expanded to look at the whole child rather than placing primary emphasis on assessment scores.

Again, I thank you for the concerns and information you shared which greatly helped refine the SMCPS STEM Program.
 Analysis to follow.

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