Sunday, May 22, 2011

I haven't posted in awhile.  In fact, it's been so long I had to go back and read what I last posted just to refresh my memory...

So much and yet so little has happened since then.
  • My son went on his 4-day field trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown.  His entire recounting of those places covered the food that he bought.  The few other details he volunteered were about the day they spent at Busch Gardens.  He came home with his cell phone and his glasses, and this year, he didn't come home with anyone else's clothes.  Plus I didn't get any phone calls.  I'm thinking it was a pretty good trip.
  • To my way of thinking, since my son also came home with his sister's cell phone -- inadvertently packed by me in all the last-minute flurry of the going-away morning -- perhaps I should say that it was a remarkable trip.  I'm still trying to picture his face as Ke$ha starting singing from his backpack at her 6 a.m. alarm that first morning away.  His face, and the face of all the other boys in his dormitory.
  • I've spent more time on the Beltway than I want to think about.  It's 90.6 miles one way to Children's, driveway to parking lot, and about two hours to get there.  These days, I don't think so much about the $20 copay or the time on the road; I think more about the half a tank of gas I have to buy at $4/gallon.  However, until the specialists come to the boonies, I'll be going to the big city.
  • I don't think I ever introduced Daisy to this blog.  We filed the adoption paperwork on April 1st and brought her home the next day.  (It was the weekend of the Southern Maryland GiveCamp 2011, so I was a little busy.)  Daisy is a Border Collie mix (probably with some kind of sight hound), and though she's a sweetie, she does like to herd moving creatures, including humans, and she BARKS.  

  • For those of you who are confused, Milo and Daisy are not brother and sister.  Daisy is a Border Collie mix, and Milo is a Boston Terrier mix.  (Daisy is on the left.)  I love Milo and Daisy, and I miss my Otis.
  • Tonight was my last AWANA obligation.  My daughter has decided not to continue in AWANA next year, and I won't be volunteering there, either.  I'm going to miss it.  What a wonderful program it is!  I don't think it gets any better than the Word of God, and that's what AWANA is -- the straight Word of God.  Makes me wish she would continue just to keep on learning the Word.  Makes me a little sad to think that I'll be putting away our uniforms and books.
  • I've got some thinking to do about this whole 2e/STEM business.  There were a couple of events about which I didn't blog, and right now, I just want to dump the whole mess into a lawyer's lap and ask her to figure out which parts cross over the legal line and which parts are nasty but legal.  I don't understand playing games with the futures of our children, so I can't understand the motivations behind the behaviors and actions I've seen this year.  (Past years, too, but the main focus is this year.)
  • In addition to Daisy and Milo and to our assorted goldfish and Betta fish and to the two fire-bellied toads, we now have three hermit crabs:  Larry, Moe, and Curly.
  • The Girl Scout year is winding down.  We've set the date for our Flag Retirement Ceremony for the girls to earn their Junior Bronze Award, and with another practice or two, they should be ready for it.  We're spending down our cookie money at every opportunity.  And I've given notice that my troop will not be meeting next year.  (One girl will go into a Brownie troop, two are not continuing in Girl Scouts, and two will transfer into a Cadette troop.)  I'm not going to be a Girl Scout leader next year.  I'm going to miss it.
  • My son is finishing 8th grade and will go into high school next year.  My daughter is finishing 5th grade and will go into middle school next year.  No more elementary school for our family.
  • I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself next year:  no AWANA,  no Girl Scout troop, no elementary school...  However, there are still all those trips to Children's, still the Autism Spectrum Support Group of Southern Maryland, still CACSE, still the Learning Disabilities Association of St. Mary's County, still advocating for the needs of my children.  And since I can't tell that what my friend and I said about the workload of STEM6 -- the load, not the work -- has made any bit of difference, there is still the heavy nightly homework requirement.  And let's never forget the mandatory Science Fair.
As I said, a lot yet nothing much.

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