Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ups and downs

Mother's Day:  What a day of ups and downs.  I love reading what other people are doing for Mother's Day while at home I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop:  When will the next meltdown happen?  [Note:  It happened in the middle of the next paragraph.  It's now several days later.]

The book I'm reading is dead on target, but so far (through Chapter 3), I haven't learned how to do the things they say I have to do.  (Aside:  This is a time that I can honestly say that I don't like my Kindle.  It's unwieldy to try to flip through the Kindle to see what's coming up, to see if future chapters teach the skills so that I can work my way through the current chapters with more patience.  Plus if you read ahead, it syncs to your "furthest page read.")  And now in Chapter 4, it gives some suggestions, but it also refers to the "skills" learned in earlier chapters.  No, that was knowledge learned in earlier chapters.  I'm waiting on the how.  Anyway, the book is good so far.  And my husband is reading it, too, so maybe this time, we'll be in sync!

My son leaves this week for an extended school field trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA.  He'll have a good time, I'm sure.  I just wish he were street-savvier.  While I'm fairly certain that he'll behave himself, parts of the trip are "on your own," and that's not his forte when "on your own" is actually with a group of peers.  Plus he's never been to an amusement park, so what he's going to do at Busch Gardens after the Funky Physics Show is unclear to me.  He gets motion sick on a swingset...  And as usual, it'll be interesting to see how his IEP is implemented on this trip.

In other news, despite a clear mandate from "the people" at the Board of County Commissioners' public hearing on the budget a few weeks ago, the commissioners late last week refused to provide more funding for the school system.  I'm more than a little confused, more than a little angry, more than a little despairing.  I feel rudder-less.  What do we do now?  How can Jane Q. Public fight this?  I think that I'll go to tomorrow's Board of Education meeting to hear the latest version of the proposed budget as well as the superintendent's comments on this latest bit of what smells like chicanery.

To explore another day:  How the BoCC has been operating this year has many parallels with my experiences dealing with the Department of Special Education for the past decade.  Terms to consider include ethics, letter vs. spirit of the law, whitewashing, game playing with the future of our children, misdirection, and system failure.

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