Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eight weeks down

I'm at the library right now.  I didn't think they had wifi here, but apparently, they do.  I picked out a couple of books, but I'm not sure why -- It's been a rough several days, and I don't think I'm going to get the chance to read them.  Well, maybe.

My daughter is in her second day of Fine Arts Camp.  This is a new camp for her -- she did Girl Scout Camp six years running and just didn't want to do it again this year.  I truly don't mind as it, too, is running right now, and it's just stinking hot out.  I'm sure I would have been roped in to volunteer again this year, and it's just stinking hot out.  Not to repeat myself.

The Fine Arts Camp is indoor, which is all to the good and requires no daily tick checks.  My daughter is in the Band section, again all to the good, but yesterday she told me she wanted to switch from clarinet because she's getting bored with it -- not, she said, to sound like a bratty teenager -- and pick up the trumpet.  She then told me that the teen counselors at Band Camp told one of the trumpeters yesterday to just go ahead and empty her spit valve on the floor because hey, she was sitting in the trumpet section of the high school band room, and that whole section of carpeting was full of trumpet spit anyway.  Ew.  Really.  Ew.

I got other pieces about her day out of her yesterday, but what made me feel best of all was that she didn't get into the car and tell me she hated it.  While that sounds like damning with faint praise, for my daughter, it's actually a high accolade for the camp.  That and the fact that they played dodge ball the first day made me feel reasonably good about sending her back the second day.

However, camp must not have been good enough because getting her out of bed this morning was horrible.

I might wish for a Chatty Cathy, but that's just not who she is.  I might wish for a glass-half-full kid, but ditto.  I might wish for a kid who remains calm, and that's what we're working on.  And that's why it's been a rough few days.

On to the ugly:  A year ago, I got a case of shingles.  (Yes, I did blog about it, but as it's about shingles, it's not that interesting.)  Ever had shingles??  It's nasty.  Hurts like a son of a gun, itches something fierce, is hideous to look at, and shuts down your life for several weeks.  I swear I think I'm getting it again, this time on the other eye.  There's nothing I can do about it before the rash appears, so I'm in a hold pattern, but I'll be at the doctor's door lickety-split once that rash shows up.  Anyway, though not proven, it's thought that stress and fatigue are triggers of shingles.  Stress and fatigue.  Really?  Maybe I'm surprised only that I don't potentially have it in more than the one location.

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