Saturday, July 30, 2011


I just put together my new desk chair, so it's probably a good idea to test it out, see if I'm all fully adjusted, so to speak.

We've been having a pretty nasty ride here.  My daughter's depression has taken root to such a degree that all the people on her team are now working together so that she can access the help we have available for her.  And now that we've confirmed that we're in a cycle, I'm finding it easier to tap into my well of patience.  Not easy, just easier.

When my son was younger and his behavior issues were in the forefront, I always knew that what was happening was neurological, and it wasn't personal.  I could hold onto my patience, even when he was being "disrespectful," because I knew that he couldn't accord respect much less disrespect.  How his brain works is different, and I had to find the way to reach him in order to teach him.  While I'll always regret how long it took, getting him the right academic rigor was the most beneficial school change we ever achieved.  Now most of those behaviors are things of the past.  (To my knowledge, no one has yet found the treatment for being a teenager, so we're just living through that part.)

With my daughter, we've struggled for years to identify the issues.  We know we've found some, but identifying the depression, and now, I hope, treating it more overtly, has helped me to stay calm when faced with behavior issues that feel like we're raising a brat.  Until we even out the chemicals, it's not under her control.  And while I worry about the learned behaviors she may be acquiring as we're "on hold" right now, my main job is to bring down the stress in our house and increase the positives.  Once we've got more of a balance (in the brain and in the home), we can go after the other issues.

It's become a bit of a joke in popular culture, but I'm here to support "better living through chemistry" -- it's the only thing that's keeping my hope afloat.  So here's to two to six weeks of waiting for the new meds to take effect, to more charting and logging than I care to contemplate, and to the comfort of my new chair -- CHEERS!

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Karen -AspergersMom said...

depression...loads of fun huh? Hope the meds work. I hate the trial and error ride.