Friday, July 22, 2011

To sleep

It's midnight.  My daughter is still awake.  Bless her, though, at least this time she didn't go to bed after a screaming match or such-like.  She got into bed before 10:30 -- great for a summer bedtime and fabulous for lately -- after a nice "get ready for bed," and she's been lying there quietly ever since.  She talks a little, mostly about waiting for her letter from Hogwarts and the like, and she rolls over a fair amount, but she's been good about it.  Based on my emphasis, you can probably guess that the opposite is the new typical.

The doctor reminded me that sleep disruptions can be part of depression.  My daughter has got difficulty falling off, difficulty staying off, and difficulty getting up in the morning.  If that qualifies as "sleep disruptions," I'd say we have a winner.  Add to it that she doesn't like to be alone -- she never has -- plus her history of worrying herself into a state when she can't fall off, and I can say for sure that my sleep disruptions are certainly part of her depression!

I am so not looking forward to tomorrow.  I have to get up in a few hours to wake up my daughter in a few hours and a few minutes in order to drive 90.6 miles to Children's in the sweltering heatwave half the country is currently in (predicted heat index of 115ª).  That, of course, is assuming she ever falls asleep tonight.

I have to repeat, though, that I'm very grateful for our doctor at Children's.


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