Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liking this blog I found

I found a new blog today -- Laughing at Chaos -- about parenting 2e kids.  While I haven't been able to read more than a few of the most recent posts, I found myself nodding my head, yes, YES! over multiple sentences, ideas, whole passages.  Once I even caught myself giving a fist pump over this  recurring theme:  "Highly gifted is NOT the same as high achieving.  Highly gifted is how a person is wired, not what a person produces."  I owe a big "thank you" to the 2e Newsletter for the link!

I want so many people in my school system to read this blog, to begin to understand that gifted people don't have to be perfectly gifted to need the rigor of "gifted" classes or to give back to society something that is unique or valuable.  I need them all to understand that it is not OK to accept mediocrity in our children or to believe that our children are fine if they make AYP and don't make trouble.

Not to mix my metaphors/idioms/Wizard of Oz references or anything, but if I want to make a horse drink water, these things must be done delicately...

...though I'd rather heft a mallet.

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Jen said...

I owe more than a big thank you to the 2e Newsletter for the link! LOL! So glad you stopped by, and that it resonated with you!