Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mini update

Here's a little bit of an update.  Nothing profound.  Lots mundane.  But this blog is my siphon.

The new med my daughter started a few weeks ago is showing signs that it's working to treat her depression.  It's hard to say whether it's the med or the fact that I've been doing my level best to keep the home environment stress-free, but the doctor was able to see a difference at our last appointment -- more engaged, cracked a couple of jokes, shared some ideas, or, if you prefer, less hopeless, less tuned out, less irritable, less disinterested.  This is a really good thing.

However, much as I like the effects, a pill isn't going to fix the thought processes that underlie the behaviors.  We're in for some serious CBT work.  My daughter is the one who has to do the work of changing the thoughts to change the feelings to change the behaviors.  I would do it for her if I could, but I can't, and until she's operating on a level field, she can't do it, either.  Come on, Week 6!  Let's see the full dose do what it's supposed to do so that this beautiful child can see the joy joy in life!

Despite my best hopes for this drug and the improvement we've seen to date, we still have what I call ugly behavior in my house.  Tonight was quite the example, only this time it brought out the hopelessness my son feels that his sister will ever "get better."  She's crying and bleeding; he's distressed and bruised.  Neither can see the other one's side, and I'm left to sort out the mess because we just can't keep on like this.  

We had a reasonable family confab.  No voices were raised, no blows exchanged.  A plan was laid out.  We'll see what comes of it.

Quite the emotional roller coaster here.  And school starts in three days.

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