Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My earthquake non-story

OK, let's just get this over with:  I was at home with my children yesterday during the earthquake.  At first I thought three things simultaneously:
  1. It's not a jet from the base because there's no jet noise and the crystals in the window aren't rattling.
  2. I'm not that old or sick!
  3. The pole light is moving, not me.
I thought, if 1-3 are true, it's an earthquake.  I called to my kids to head for the powder room, grabbed my laptop, and followed them in.  We also grabbed the remote control and started flipping through the channels in search of confirmation that it was indeed an earthquake.  Of course, I went on Facebook, too. and when we couldn't get through to my husband (at work on the base) by phone, we texted back and forth.

That was pretty much it, but I didn't go out to run the errands I had been intending to run.  I didn't want to leave my kids home alone if there were any aftershocks, and I really didn't want to leave them home alone if it had been a "fore shock" and not "the big one." 

Then my daughter and I went out to a night-before-the-first-day-of-school Girl Scout bonfire.

Now here's what really affected me from yesterday:  I turned in my final troop financial report and handed over my troop checkbook.  My troop numbers are up for grabs, and I am no longer a Girl Scout leader.  This will be a good thing.  I did, though, get a little misty today when I deleted my Girl Scout "signature" from my email.

Just so you know, we're not done with Girl Scouts.  My daughter just bridged to Cadettes and is now working on her Silver Award with her new troop.  And just to keep the excitement going, her new uniform and all the bits came in today's mail.  Cookie sales start in December...

Today was also the first day of school.  My daughter entered middle school, continuing on in the school system's STEM Program.  She had the best day today.  It was just wonderful to pick her up and hear her happy.  Whether it's the new med, being in a challenging, interesting program, or a combination of both, I don't really care.  Today, the child is happy.

My son is now in high school, also continuing in the STEM program.  Scared me spitless when he didn't get off the bus this afternoon.  We're two houses over from the stop; I searched and searched all the feet exiting the bus, and his weren't among them!  I was just saying to my daughter that he didn't get off the bus when he walked up from the opposite direction!  He had gotten off at the prior stop five houses down in the other direction!  My heart.

Anyway, he's not very forthcoming with the details, but he seems happy enough.  His homework is just about done.  And it's his 14th birthday.

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