Saturday, October 29, 2011

I want my kitchen back

Have I mentioned how much I hate the Science Fair?  For my children, it's mandatory.  My son is participating for the fourth year; it's my daughter's first year.  Both of them have really good topics, and with three years under our belts, we have a reasonable handle on the procedures.

But I hate it.  The stress of meeting the due dates makes me nauseous.  I've already blogged about how much I disagree with the final due date's being the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Last year, my son and husband had to stay home from the family gathering because he wasn't done with it the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I wasn't dragging his presentation board across four state lines to have him holed up in a corner of his aunt's house working on it.

With Thanksgiving looming, my kitchen has been taken over by bins and pumps and pipes and tubes and bits and pieces and super glue.  We've taken to eating in the dining room, and it's not a major holiday!  It wasn't this bad during the renovation two years ago.

Really good Science Fair ideas are so much work.  It's fun to think of cool ways to help the environment or use technology, but  nobody wants to do the not-fun parts, or rather, they'll do them "later."  Well, later is now, ladies and gentlemen, so grab your clip boards and slide rules, 'cause it's data time!

(Have I mentioned how much I hate the Science Fair?)

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