Friday, November 11, 2011


Living moment to moment, some good, some not.

Playing together successfully stopped years ago.  Playing together at all stopped months ago.  Last night and again tonight, we -- all four of us -- played Scrabble and keep-away.  My kids have played Scrabble at camps, but we've never played it as a family.  We used the deluxe edition with turntable that my brother gave me decades ago, but we didn't use the rules.  I think this rulelessness irks my husband, but it makes for some lively tile laying!  And if I cringe with every wobble of a lamp during keep-away, oh, well, we're having fun!

Even though last night it transitioned badly, tonight, so far, hasn't become the crisis it could have been.

As I wrote the above, we moved into crisis mode.

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