Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't

Based on the past one-and-a-half, almost two, weeks of very few incidents, I'd say that there's a strong possibility that our living free of gluten, casein, corn, and soy is having a positive impact on my daughter.  Additionally, we had been not only incident-free but also witnesses to a good number of positives.  I can't say it's the diet for sure; there are too many variables.  But it certainly could be.

This entire holiday season we resisted Christmas cookies, stuffing, and pie.  My daughter even turned down the candy my mother offered her, saying that she "couldn't have that" no matter how much she would have liked it.  However, while away from home, we ate fast food last night and the night before.  Our downfall was Asiago Ranch Spicy Chicken Club sandwiches, barbecue sauce, and brownies!

Last night and today brought a return of the negatives:  aggression, distractibility, high frustration levels.  As I said, there are too many variables, but I wouldn't be surprised if this first full-blown breaking of the diet were part of it.  Now the job will be to stay on track with the diet, see if we can regain some peace. 

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