Sunday, December 18, 2011


You know we've been gluten-, casein-, soy-, and corn-free since November 21st.  While that's only four weeks, it feels like forever.  Some of my daughter's test results are in:  antibodies present for casein (mild), soy (medium), and corn (big-time).  Nothing for wheat, so we'll challenge that in a bit.  (As the doctor said, stuff her full of bread and see what happens!)

My husband and I are making lunches that use up foods in the pantry and freezer, but we eat most of the foods that my daughter does.  She has had only a handful of foods that she shouldn't have, all of them at school, and for the most part is sticking with the diet very well.

Yeah, well, and I'm making our own candy, marshmallow fluff, bread, and graham crackers, among other things, just to get her to buy into this.  I even made baking powder.  I'm seriously considering buying or borrowing a bread machine.   Yesterday, I found myself in the appliance section of a department store getting misty over a Kitchenaid mixer (sale priced at $499).  Today I ordered a pizzelle iron.

My daughter went to a birthday party yesterday.  We weighed the pros and the cons, and we went ahead and gave her permission to have a slice of pizza and a cupcake.  And while she was gone, we picked up a pizza from Papa John's.  (Shh...  My husband even drove home with the windows down so she wouldn't smell it in the car later when he picked her up.  Brr.)

It didn't quite work out the way I wanted.  Two slices of a food I haven't had in a month -- a food I love -- and I'm excusing myself to go be ill.  Twenty-four hours later and I'm still not right.  I was doing this diet just because I love my daughter and wanted to be supportive.  (And, to be honest, because if there's "forbidden" food in the house, she's likely to make a beeline for it.)  Now I may be doing it to avoid hanging over the toilet.

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