Friday, January 6, 2012


My mother passed away early in the morning on January 5th.


The breast cancer she had defeated a few years ago had metastasized into her bones.

She was in so much pain.  Pain of body.  Pain of heart.  Pain of mind.

I don't think I can possibly explain the impact of her pain on every area of her life, pain felt for decades.  She tried in various ways to lessen her pain; she couldn't.

When I talked to her the night before she died, I told her that my wish for her was that she would not be in pain any longer; it was OK to let go now.

When I said my final goodbye to her in the morning, my tears were not those of grief but of joy that she was in the Kingdom of Heaven, that she was now seeing the daughter she had had on earth for only two days almost 45 years ago, that she felt no pain.

I loved my mom.  Her release was a blessed thing.

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Lori said...

So saddened for the ache of your heart but overflowing with tears thinking about her reunions in Heaven. Love you, friend, and lifting you in prayer. Would love to chat when/if you feel like it!