Saturday, January 28, 2012

Space Camp

Part of the STEM6 "experience" is a field trip to NASA's Space Camp in Alabama.  My son went with his STEM6 class three years ago.  Because he has Asperger's, we prepped the heck out of him.  He had to learn to do his entire morning and bedtime routine without prompts, to be responsible for his own gear, to be flexible in his schedule -- all kinds of skills unrelated to his academic school day.  We even had him sleep over at a caregiver's house to practice independence!

My daughter has wanted to go to Space Camp ever since her brother went.  We haven't had to prep her as we did her brother.  No, we've just had to keep her out of the hospital for the past three months.  Keep her in STEM when maybe the right thing to do was to pull her out, lighten her load, teach her the skills she needs without the jacked-up executive functioning demands of STEM6. 

Well, whatever.  I don't know what we should have done nor what to do now.  I'm just hanging on.  We have 12 more hours before we drive her to the airport for her flight to Space Camp.  Several people have questioned whether she ought to go, given her issues.  I don't have a single doubt that she will love it and be able to comport herself well.  I doubt that she'll stick to her diet, but not that she'll act out there as she does at home.  It's not her MO.

However, I think that all hell will break loose when she comes home.  She uses home as a safety valve, releasing the pressures that have built up all day, not bothering to engage coping strategies she accesses elsewhere.  That's her MO.  And I think there's a pretty good chance of her being a flight risk after the trip; she's not going to want to be at home.  I get that -- I felt similarly when I was a little older than she is now and came back from a week-long event.

I'm just hanging on.  Twelve more hours.  I think we can.  I think we can.  I THINK we can.

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