Tuesday, February 28, 2012

35 hours

Number of times my daughter walked out of class/activity yesterday:  2
Number of calls from school yesterday:  5

There's a back story to all of that, one that includes missing doses of a major medication and zero sleep Sunday night (neither a wink nor a nod).   It also includes her putting off a major assignment -- one she really wanted to do because it was fun -- until the weekend, particularly until late Sunday night.  So yesterday on my way out the door to pick her up early from Drama Club (or rather, from the office, where she was currently having a meltdown) [Call No. 4], who gets off the bus and walks up but her brother, who is supposed to be at an after-school activity.  "Oh, yeah.  I forgot," he mumbled.

I dropped him off, continued down to her school, and found her totally blotchy and in high dudgeon because the principal and academic dean had the nerve to haul her to the office for walking out of Drama Club without telling anyone where she was going, a behavior [Call No. 1] that apparently appeared last Thursday and about which they were all "very concerned."  After seven runaway attempts and her disappearance from Sunday's cookie booth, I had no trouble seeing the concern.

After cursing out the school administration in the "privacy" of the exterior of the building and the interior of my car, my daughter asked, "So when are they kicking me out of Drama?"  I'd have liked to kick the drama out of her, but Call No. 5 addressed her question:  the next time she walks out of Drama without asking/telling anyone.

Call No. 2 told me that she had ditched the last two periods of the day for the refuge of the nurse's office where she may have rested, but given how "hyper" the nurse said she was, I doubt she slept.

And while I was on the line with the doctor's office trying to get a refill on the med we ran out of over the weekend (ran out of because she has had two dose increases of it in two weeks and because the on-line refill the doctor submitted seven days prior didn't go through), the counselor called me back [Call No. 3] to ask if she could share the meds issue with the teachers.  (Yes, share whatever you think is necessary!)

Though she did no homework, my daughter stayed up until 9:15 last night, alternating between ugliness and sweetness in the blink of an eye and rounding out her time without sleep to 35 hours.

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Lori said...

Oh Terri...I am so, so sorry.