Monday, February 20, 2012

Between therapists

My daughter started individual therapy in December, and we began family therapy with the same person a month ago.   Therapy was one of the recommendations coming out of her stay in the hospital in September, and it was something that our fabulous Children's Hospital doctor wanted to do weekly but understood that we couldn't afford the round-trip 6 hours/192 miles/10 gallons of gas to meet with her.  She recommended that we find someone "local" who could do the weekly therapy, preferably dialectical behavior therapy, but at a minimum, cognitive behavioral therapy.

I put it out to my local support group.  I got names from our in-home rehabist.  I talked with my friends.  And I factored in just how tired we all were of having to travel for services.  Even within county, most service providers are located in the county seat, which isn't that far but takes 20 - 30 minutes to get to depending on the time of day (usually rush hour).  I found that there's a practice just a few tenths of a mile from our house, and I heard about it from three different sources. I called, explained our needs, and was assigned a therapist from the group.

You know how sometimes you just know that something is right?  And sometimes you just know that something is wrong?  What do you do when it's nothing?  Nothing bad, in particular, just nothing.  I didn't feel the "click" with the therapist.  I figured building a rapport takes time, so that's what we gave it...  More time...  More time...


I spoke with my daughter's therapist today and told her that we're not a good match.  We don't seem to align.  The therapist said that she'd help us find another therapist in her office, but she called me back to say that everyone has a waiting list and offered me contact information for two other practices.  She wished us the best.

Now we're without therapy and are once again on the hunt.  Truly, I'd rather need a dentist and an ob/gyn than to have to find a therapist to match my daughter and my family.  I know we're odd.  I know we're atypical.  I know we're alphabet soup.  Where's the therapist who's up for the challenge?

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Lori said...

Hmmm....let me see about the practice our old counselor went to (from IW!) and see if I can send you info. It's in L-town, of course, may be better than nothing!