Friday, February 10, 2012

We seem to have every ball that could possibly be in play for my daughter up in the air at once.
  • I've put out requests about the process for hospitalization, whether a one-week crisis calm-down or a two-month diagnostic clinic.  The latter includes involving a county agency and switching her to receive Medical Assistance. A residential treatment center could follow that.
  • I attended today's IEP meeting and signed off on just about every test under the sun.
  • This morning we added a third vitamin to her new vitamin therapy.
  • As of tonight, we're starting a meds change, increasing one, coming off another, and, as soon as the script is called in, starting a new one.
  • She's now in family as well as individual therapy.  All of us have to make changes.  Consequences have to be thought up and consistently implemented.
  •  We are continuing with our in-home help from the rehabist.
  • We're "cleaning her out" from some major gluten-, casein-, corn-, and soy-scarfing at Space Camp last week, and we'll be on the GF/CF/SF/CF diet for quite a while longer.
 And we're praying, always praying.

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