Saturday, March 17, 2012

Endings, Part 2

So ends my daughter's first week at her new middle school.  When I wrote the previous post, I figured this one would likely be titled, "Beginnings."  Truly, though, we didn't have much of a honeymoon period.  Maybe a few hours each of the first couple  of days.  The rest is mixed:  nasty getting up in the mornings, nice communicativeness later in the week, evening meltdowns.  She even refused the Cheez-Its (not free of gluten, casein, or soy) that were provided as a snack during state testing last week -- very difficult for her, yet she did it!  But she's still all over the place.

Typically, my daughter has tantrums.  Recently, we've seen a lot more meltdowns than tantrums.  When "melting," she's likely to tell us how bad her days were, that she misses STEM, especially her teachers, how she hates her new teachers.  When she's open, she tells us about the cute boy who asked her to sit next to him at lunch, about the book (A Wrinkle in Time) they're reading in Language Arts, or that the Language Arts teacher said her answers were "amazingly well written."  She is all over the place.

Me?  I happy cried that she had done her classwork and had done it to her potential.  That she shared that part of her day with me was icing on the cake.  Last night, though, came a meltdown over not being able to make work a flashlight she assembled from an Altoids tin, batteries, duct tape, a Christmas light, and a paper clip.  The thing went flying across the room, and she sought me out to tell me that I was to blame for giving her faulty supplies.  Not to repeat myself or anything, but she's just all over the place.

While we're having tons of stress over this transition, it is just so wonderful that she has no homework this weekend -- not that she did it when she had it, but there are no assignments.  No homework stress.  Nothing pending, nothing due.  There is no homework hanging like a sword over our heads, and that ending makes me grateful.

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Lori said...

Praying for stability and peace.xoxoxoxox