Thursday, April 12, 2012


1. My daughter transferred a month ago.  People ask her how she likes it at the new school, how she's doing, etc.  Her response is typically a shrugged, "It's okay."  People ask me how she likes it, how she's doing, etc.  I have to say that it's really hard to say.  Most of her responses are tepid at best.  She seems to be having trouble socially, and it's pretty clear that she has only one friend.  However, according to the computerized grading system that our district uses, she's doing her work, is turning in her homework, and is getting 100s on most assignments.  Right before she transferred, she pulled up her grades and managed to get a decent report card for the third quarter, which came out yesterday.

2. I'm heartbroken for my friend.

3. I have to schedule a bunch of doctors' appointments NOW to fit them in before the end of the school year, which, according to yesterday's press release, is now a week earlier than it had been because we didn't use any of our snow days.  This also means that I'm facing the anxiety-laden reality of having to fill 10-1/2 weeks of summer.  At 12 and 14, my children have long since passed the stage of being happy with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and the sprinkler.  I'd love to send them both to sleep-away camps for a couple of weeks...

4. Frivolous:  I dislike housework.  And menu planning.

5. This year I cut back on volunteering.  I don't lead my daughter's Girl Scout troop anymore (after three years), and I'm not volunteering at AWANA this year.  I still have the Autism Spectrum Support Group, CACSE, and the LDA, but I'm going to have to cut back from some of them, too.  It's another cost of addressing my daughter's needs.  (I'm not blaming her for my cutting back; I just have to focus my time and energy differently now.)

6. I'm upset with myself for not doing something that I had wanted to do yesterday:  Speak at the Board of Education meeting about April's being Autism Awareness Month.  With the newest CDC numbers out, schools need to recognize that patchwork "programming" isn't enough.  They have to work more efficiently and knowledgeably to address the educational needs of this population.  Not that I would have said that..  My saying something about Autism Awareness Month during the "Public Comment" portion of the agenda would have fit in well with the "Recognitions" agenda item, which included presentations about the 2012 Week of the Child and the Month of the Military Child.  I didn't do it.  I should have, and I didn't.

7. Daisy makes me happy.

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Lori said...

<3 You have no idea how much our hearts were touched when we went to visit Matthew's grave after the procedure and saw those precious beads. <3