Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 16

So much has happened since my last post.  Since most of it is about me and "the change," I'll skip right over to other items.  (You may thank me at any time.)

We are 16 days into summer vacation.  If you've got kids, I imagine you fall into one of two groups:  1) Those who LOVE spending time with their children and think that summer vacation can't get here quickly enough and is just too short!  Or 2) Those who dread the coming of 10 weeks of unstructured, "fun with the kids" time.

I, apparently, fall into the latter group.

My son believes wholeheartedly, and might I say, rigidly, that any activity that is not playing video games is a waste of time.  My daughter has not yet mastered the concept of entertaining herself.  (I don't count episodes of "Leave me alone!!" exits to her room with accompanying door slams.  Call me kooky.)

Here's my dilemma, though:  I don't really want them at home for 10 weeks with me in the Mom-is-Julie-McCoy-Cruise-Director role.  I really want them back in school.  The dilemma is that neither kid has a school program that fits him/her appropriately.  How can I wish them back in an "adequate," available setting when they need 2e programming, and I spend my time trying to get it for them?

I don't have any solutions at the moment.  However, maybe you'd like to see what I came home to on Day 14 of Summer Vacation 2012:  My sweet daughter, the light of my life and the hope of my future, made a duct tape "chalk" outline on the floor in her room.  Color coordinated, too. 

 Sleep-away camp, anyone?  Sigh.  57 more days...

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