Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a little more, please.

Twenty-four-hour urine collections.  Second-pee-of-the-day collections.  Hair samples.  Blood vial after blood vial.  I hope to fine-tune my daughter's dietary and supplements interventions (which include being free of gluten, casein, corn, and soy plus the addition of 8 supplements a day).

And finally, almost 12 years after being diagnosed with Asperger's, we're testing my son.  The boy eats only gluten- and casein-ful foods; he hasn't had a fruit or vegetable in 12 years.  I was absolutely traumatized when, at the age of 2-1/2, he completely stopped eating.  Completely.  For a week.  The only way to get him back onto food was to use his "routines" to our advantage:  He always played at the nearby park in exactly the same way and then had a snack in the pavilion.  After seven days of no food intake, I took his listless little self to the park and prayed that he would eat the Chex in the snack bowl.  He looked so unsure, so at war with himself.  How was he to eat when he had correlated eating with barfing (which we didn't know at the time)?  How was he not to eat when his routine was to play on the equipment (by himself, in the same pattern) and then have a snack?  Well, he ate, but his diet from that time forward was even more limited than it ever had been.

We debated going casein- and gluten-free.  Around the age of four, we tried substituting soy milk and cheese.  That was a big no-go.  I just couldn't bring myself to take away all foods so that he would eat the GF/CF foods "when he was hungry enough."  That was never the way he worked.  If it didn't pass his judgment -- and I would have loved to have been privy to his judgment criteria! -- it didn't go in his mouth, no matter how hungry he was.

After we found the DAN! doctor up in Baltimore for our daughter (who doesn't have Asperger's but does have significant chemical imbalances),  I figured it was time to test our son.  My husband doesn't really agree that we should implement any dietary changes for him, but I'd like to start with the baseline testing.

So now between the two of them, in a 24-hour window from this morning to tomorrow morning, I've got three pee-in-a-cup tests going, one hair sample to collect, and two blood draws to have done.  Come on, honey.  Just a little more, please...

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Lori said...

Do you know I am reading about the DAN! program (just a little bit) in the book I am reading (Natural Baby-Healhty Child by Dr. Murray Clarke) and thought about you...well, Tom really. Wondered how your new diet was working for him? Isn't that crazy—the coincidence? Praying for results...I am not sure how much I buy into the 'cured' from autism thing, but I have to say, from what I've read, HUGE differences...and hey, those are nothing to sneeze at!