Sunday, July 22, 2012


My daughter came home tonight from a Youth Group event with a couple of other churches.  First words out of her maniacally smiling mouth were, "I had lots and lots of corn syrup!"  "Why?" I asked.  She had no response but a preteen look and headed to her room.

As she was halfway up the stairs, her dad asked her if she was going to tell me what else happened tonight.  "Oh, yeah," she said.  "I got saved.  And I'm going to get baptized."

Two concepts with impact:  Corn syrup and Jesus.  She's going to have to learn to monitor her own intake of both.  She is definitely on the right track with the latter.

Maybe Jesus can help us with the corn syrup.


Lori said...

HOORAY! (except for the lots and lots of corn syrup!)

BeckyG said...

Yeah!! That's awesome (not the corn part). :)