Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School started last week.

My son turned 15 last week.

Today is Day 6 of school.

I have had multiple tests and doctors' appointments in the past few months; not all the results are in yet.

I've added cheese back into our lives, though we're still (mostly) gluten-, corn-, soy-, and casein-free.  Mostly.

All of these topics could be fleshed out.  I'm just too tired and, let's face it, approaching discouraged, to do it.  I've quoted it before, probably even on this blog awhile ago, but this about sums it up for me:
The devil once offered to sell at auction all his tools save one -- discouragement. "For," said he, "if I have that, I can get along very well without the others." (Helen C. White)
Don't all those great Hollywood movies and epic stories talk about the power of hope?

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