Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Everybody leaves

I don't watch much regular TV.  There isn't much on that I'm interested in, or what I'm interested in is on when we're having our crisis du jour.  However, I love DVDs and instant videos.  I've been watching several series lately:  House, The Closer, Doc Martin, and Midsomer Murders.  Sometimes I sit and watch, but mostly they're on while I'm doing something else (usually food prep).  I don't always understand the British-isms of Midsomer Murders or the medical jargon of House, but I do get Dr. House's premise that everybody lies.

A seeming non sequitur:  While communication and openness with my son appear to be improving (thanks to supplements and oxytocin), the home scene with my daughter is disintegrating.  It's September.  This makes the third September in a row that finds us in crisis.  Maybe it's that school demands have increased.  Maybe it's allergies.  Maybe it's PMS.  This year, maybe it's the fact that she is knowingly drinking beverages with corn syrup or that we deliberately added back cheese a few weeks ago and gluten and yogurt a few days ago.  The child has eaten grilled cheese sandwiches breakfast, lunch, and dinner for three days!

Whatever.  The result is that negative behaviors have spiked, as have episodes of defiance, and we're having to intervene to be safe at home.  You would think that all the therapy she/we have been through would have helped.  But then, despite being able to tell everyone the "correct" answers, she rejected her therapists and threw up a wall between them and the help they could give.  Then the therapists dismissed us because they were unable to "reach" her.  These crises that we are having almost daily emphasize just how isolated we are.

I know that God doesn't let us down.  I try really hard to remember that while we're in the middle of it all.  But though I don't know that everybody lies, it sure feels like everybody leaves.  Just another way that this house is such a lonely place to be.

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