Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On again, off again

I'm not a rule breaker.  Never have been.  I rarely rebel.  And really, when what you'd rebel against is your children's diagnoses and/or the treatments that make them better, what's the point?

However, this diet business is driving me crazy.  I can firmly state that corn syrup is a problem for my daughter.  I next want to challenge corn -- kernel, popped, chips -- to see if those foods cause behavior problems.  But we have to get "clean" again first.  Except cheese.  Sorry, I can't serve meals without cheese any more.  It's just too hard, and since no one actually gets sick from cheese, we'll just have to live with any behavior problems from it.  But we have not, in any way, shape, or form, been clean this week.  In fact, last week's behavior problem of my daughter's not getting up for school caused me to break out a huge crutch this week while my husband is away on travel:  "For every morning this week that you get up and out the door on time for school, I'll get dinner out."  Three for three today!

Tonight, we settled in to watch a DVD, and, bam!  There's that ugly behavior again, ugly to the point of my having to intervene to allow her brother enough time to get to his room and lock himself in.  Why?  Because she "felt like it."  So convince me that three days of foods with gluten, casein, some corn, and soy make for a healthy diet, because I'm just not seeing it.

Before the bam! hit, my daughter was looking up ways to lose weight, wanting me to 1) tell her what exercise to do to lose weight while rejecting every suggestion, and 2) go out and purchase "healthy" foods like bread, milk, and corn.  Did you know that almost every bread on the shelf has corn syrup?  I found a packaged roll that doesn't, but that she deemed unacceptable.  Did you also know that if I knew of an exercise that would make a person lose weight, a) I wouldn't be the size I am, and b) I would be rich as Croesus from patenting it and selling it to every overweight American from sea to shining sea?

Tomorrow is another day.  Another day of making foods that she can eat but won't.  Another day of constant vigilance to prevent/minimize the return of the uglies.  Another day of being the food bad guy.  And next week, no more food lures for getting up for school. 

I would really, really like to rebel.  I can't.  I'm not built that way.

(In case you're keeping track of these things, the other shoe dropped today.)

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