Wednesday, September 26, 2012


One of the problems with having a child with special needs is when they need all over the place.

Private issues are no longer private, no matter how much you might wish they could be.  Doctors, educational teams, church family... every institution of which your child is a member is now privy to the most personal information; boundaries become non-existent.

And people contact you to tell you about the latest concern:  the behavior, the lie, the talk of self-harm.  You are to do something.  As if you can whip out the magic wand you've been keeping in storage, the one you've not been using for the past decade as your world, your child's world, fell apart.  As those signed on to help jump ship in bafflement over the failure of their interventions.  You are expected to deal with the latest concern in a positive, acceptable, effective way, yet you know that if you could do that, the latest concern would never have happened. 

You don't want to abdicate responsibility.  You just want some help sweeping all those needs into a manageable pile.  If everybody knows your business anyway, can't somebody help?

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