Friday, December 28, 2012

Death and life

Susan Dennis, a lovely, kind woman, passed away two days ago.   I knew her from Girl Scouts.  We spent quite possibly the. hottest. week. ever (heat indexes in the 110s) at Winona Day Camp in 2010.

We led the two Junior horseback troops that year, so we rode the bus to the horse farm together, and we chatted outside the barn as our girls worked on badges.  She took snaps of my daughter and I of hers.

I also knew Susan through AWANA -- a fabulous children's program that teaches children how to follow Jesus Christ.  I volunteered at AWANA for five years, the last two with or near Susan.  What struck me time and time again was her soft-spoken patience and her genuine happiness to be developing those small souls to know and love Jesus.

She was also so very proud of her children -- and with good reason.  Her dedication to them was obvious in every word she spoke, in every way that she engaged with them.

As people learn of her passing, more examples of her impact on her community come to light.  They make me wish that I had known her better.  I hope to be a better person for having known her.

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