Sunday, April 21, 2013

Comatose to creative

I'm sitting here typing this post as my daughter is typing a lesson from her Typing textbook.  I've got to tell you that the curriculum for her Information Technology Science class is beyond boring.  It seems to be designed to see how many students it can put in a coma in one 45-minute period.  And for a kid with executive functioning and attention issues, it couldn't be a worse match.

Anyway, last quarter she just barely squeaked by with a C, and so far this quarter, she has completed NOTHING.  Not a single lesson.  That puts her 12 lessons behind.  Twelve.  TWELVE.

Last week, her Info. Tech. teacher called, so very concerned.  She was gracious; she was willing to think outside the box.  She did not display the attitude previously shown of expecting my daughter to be able to advocate for herself and to be more organized.  She just wanted us to come up with a way to reach her and get her off the current path of shutting down.  We talked for quite awhile.

So now, my daughter has to do part of each lesson but can demonstrate mastery of the teaching points with creative content.  For example, one teaching point is business letters, so for one of them, she's going to write to Mr. Krabs recommending a raise for Spongebob.  As long as the form and tone are business-like, she's good. 

Right now, with chocolate earned for each homework item completed and with the big carrot of dinner out when the homework list is done, she's working on the mandatory parts of the fourth lesson -- fortunately the last homework item tonight as I'm starving

Grateful to the teacher.  Grateful that my daughter is printing her work now.  Thankful that we've been frugal in other areas and can budget this incentive.

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