Sunday, April 7, 2013


I started writing this blog several years ago because, as I've said before, I wanted to comment on a friend's blog.  I hadn't wanted to comment anonymously and hadn't thought to just sign my name in the comment itself, so I set this up and thought that I'd better say something or I'd have this dumb-looking empty blog with nothing but a name and a background color.

Then I started blogging.  Sometimes I wrote for me, and sometimes I wrote to share information with others, hoping they'd find it useful.  But mostly for me, to siphon off the thoughts that squirrel around in my head, occasionally to vent, sometimes to whine a little.

When my daughter's issues became so intense, so family-consuming, writing here became more of a lifesaver to my sanity than anything else.  I know that I don't reach that many people with my posts, but comments of prayer, caring, "we're in the same boat," have meant a great deal to me.  I'm not sure that I've ever said that here.

And to a caring friend who opted for a different pathway, my heartfelt thanks.  Plans are afoot.

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