Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, summer "vacation" is here.  Vacation for them; not vacation for me.  Don't get me wrong.  I love them to bits.  But being on call 24/7 is mentally exhausting.

Current issues:

How to occupy my child with ADHD -- At the moment, she's writing the Great American Novel.  If you ever read about a brother and sister traveling across post-apocalypse Europe working to ensure the downfall of their evil father styling himself as Emperor, you'll know the idea germinated in the Summer of 2013.  My daughter said that after it has become a success as a book, she would like to go to LA to help turn it into a screenplay. I did tell her that she has to write it first, but the stars in her eyes plugged her ears. 

I'd like to see her paint more.  I love what she's done so far:





Summer Assignments -- Apparently the school system did not decide to eliminate summer assignments this year.  My daughter has only one:  Read and log a book.  My son, on the other hand, has more than a few.  This year, though, they don't seem to be as ridiculous as they have been in previous years, plus I made sure that he had the assignments before the end of the school year for students and that a teacher or his case manager had gone over the assignments and expectations.  He finished a piece of the AP Calculus AB assignment already.  Once the rest of it is done, we'll set up the AP English 11 schedule and get to work on that -- it looks like a major multi-step pain.  (He can do the work himself; he just needs help breaking it down into steps and setting up a timetable for completion.)  AP Biology is way kinder than it could be.  And AP World History is busy work, but it's the kind he likes -- maps -- so I won't gripe.

Viewing Selections -- Thank goodness for Netflix and AmazonPrime.  And for my kids' retro interests in Scooby-Doo, Disney, and, as of today, VeggieTales.  They still have some questionable viewing choices, but when faced with a leech up close and personal in all its blood-sucking technicolor glory on "Weird, True, and Freaky," they quickly switched over to something more benign.  Oh, yeah, "God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man..."  

What to Do for FREE -- Furloughs start next month, but we've been trying to cut back before they kick in.  We got in a few things, though:  My daughter and I visited my sister over Memorial Day Weekend.  We had a really nice, low-key visit that included a family picnic, a visit to South Street in Philly, and dinner at the Abbaye.  We had a little bit of the budget left over, so we went up to D.C. for the day to visit my friend from Arkansas who was there for a conference.  That was low-key, too, and since it included a really nice meal and a Metro ride, my daughter was quite happy.  And we went to Olive Garden (my kids' restaurant of choice since CiCi's closed) to celebrate the end of school and two quite reasonable report cards.

I figure with one week down, we're not doing too badly expenditure-wise.  (OK, don't look at the two trips to Bruster's for ice cream.)  We're using up the arts & crafts supplies in the basement, and we've had one friend here for a sleepover.  I still have to check into entrance fees for local parks/beaches.  (I don't like "chillin'" at the beach very much as I'm not a sun-seeker and burn in five minutes with SPF 7,000 religiously applied, but my daughter loves water.  The library would be an option, but neither kid enjoys it anymore.  I might get one visit in, but not more than that.  I'll probably go outside my comfort zone and go to some of the local events.  The River Concert Series may be good...

But Week 1 is done.  Only 62 more days...