Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dear God, PLEASE...

I got a text from my sister today asking why I quit writing my blog.  My answer was, "No reason."  Just no reason.  I haven't even looked at it since I last posted.  But last week, I thought about it.  I thought about the things I'd like to write, just to get them to stop squirreling around in my head.

Then this morning I read a post from one of the dearest women I know.  It has knocked me for a loop.  I just want to howl and beat my heels on the floor.  She has lived through unspeakable tragedy and has been blessed with the greatest joy.  Today she is facing testing for cancer.  In not one but two places.  Possibly caused by the creation of her greatest joy.

I shut down.  I couldn't even comment that I was praying for her.  I was, but more in the Dear God, PLEASE...  Dear God, PLEASE manner than in any coherent way.  I thought I might come here to sort out my feelings, figure out what to say.  How do you offer comfort for this?  How do you support without intruding?  How do you love from a distance when you want to drive there and hug?  What are the words?

Maybe "Dear God, PLEASE..." is enough.  It's certainly heartfelt.